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The global financial industry is evolving at an unprecedented pace against a background of uncertain economic outlook, changing geo-political landscape, technological advancement on all fronts, and ever-growing ESG demands. While Hong Kong’s global financial centre status will continue to benefit from the further development and reform of China, our financial leaders have to be well-prepared for the opportunities and challenges that will arise.

To further promote global thought leadership capabilities and to sustain the long-term development of the Hong Kong financial services industry, the Hong Kong Academy of Finance (AoF) has launched the Financial Leaders Programme to inspire Hong Kong’s future financial leaders. The 2024 Programme is open for application between 15 November and 17 December 2023.


  • Inspire financial talents, currently around two levels below the CEO position and showing potential to be future leaders in the financial industry.
  • Equip them with a mindset to lead, to step out of their business routines and look at issues from a macro perspective, to think beyond the short-term and their individual firms.
  • Expand their professional network and build rapport with like-minded financial talents across different sectors.

Key Features

  • Face-to-face dialogue with top leaders in financial services and other sectors.
  • Gain a high-level and strategic perspective on the interplay of macro socio-geopolitical-economic forces and trends, and deepen the understanding of financial markets from a systemic angle.
  • Establish a network with senior leaders from financial regulatory bodies, from different sectors in the financial industry, and from the Government, and build rapport with financial talents across sectors.
  • Opportunity to become AoF Member.
  • Gain industry-wide exposure through AoF’s publicity efforts.
  • Build strong bonding across cohorts of this prestigious programme.

Supporting Organisations

The Programme is launched with full support from the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau and all the financial regulators in Hong Kong.

Feedback from Participants

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