WP No.38 / 2009
The Financial Crisis and Sizable International Reserves Depletion: From ‘Fear of Floating’ to the ‘Fear of Losing International Reserves’?
WP No.37 / 2009
Feast and Famine: Explaining Big Swings in the Hong Kong Economy between 1981 and 2007
by Chak Hung J. Cheng and Michael SALEMI (Research Fellow)
WP No.36 / 2009
Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) in Developing Asia: The Role of Financial Variables
by Rabin Hattari and Ramkishen RAJAN (Research Fellow)
WP No.35 / 2009
Initial Day Return and Underpricing Cost in Advance Payment Initial Public Offerings
by Joseph FUNG (Research Fellow) and Sanry Y. S. Che
WP No.34 / 2009
Discriminatory Power and Predictions of Defaults of Structural Credit Risk Models
by T. C. Wong, C. H. Hui and C. F. Lo
(Published in The Journal of Risk Model Validation, 3(4), Winter 2009/10: 39-60)
WP No.33 / 2009
The Global Crisis: Fatal Decisions – Four Case Studies in Financial Regulation
WP No.32 / 2009
The Global Crisis: Why Regulators Resist Reforms
WP No.31 / 2009
Currency Internationalisation: Analytical and Policy Issues
WP No.30 / 2009
Market Structure, Welfare, and Banking Reform in China
(Published in Journal of Comparative Economics, Volume 40, Issue 2, May 2012, Pages 291–313)
WP No.29 / 2009
Rational Cost Inefficiency in Chinese Banks
by Kent MATTHEWS (Research Fellow), Zhiguo Xiao and Xu Zhang
WP No.28 / 2009
Evaluating Exchange Rate Management An Application to Korea
WP No.27 / 2009
On the Unstable Relationship between Exchange Rates and Macroeconomic Fundamentals
WP No.26 / 2009
Lessons for China from Financial Liberalization in Scandinavia
by Hongyi Chen, Lars JONUNG (Research Fellow) and Olaf Unteroberdoerster
(Revised version is forthcoming in Asian Economic Papers, Winter 2014, Vol. 13, No. 1, Pages 1-44)
WP No.25 / 2009
Bank Productivity in China 1997-2007: An Exercise in Measurement
(Published in China Economic Review, 2010, 21: 617-628)
WP No.24 / 2009
Bank Competition and International Financial Integration: Evidence Using a New Index
by Gurnain Kaur Pasricha
WP No.23 / 2009
Structural Change and Counterfactual Inflation-Targeting in Hong Kong
WP No.22 / 2009
The Empirical Relation between Credit Quality, Recovery, and Correlation
by Daniel Rösch and Harald SCHEULE (Research Fellow)
WP No.21 / 2009
A Multiple-Horizon Search for the Role of Trade and Financial Factors in Bilateral Real Exchange Rate Volatility
(Published in Journal of Economics and Management, 5(2), 2009, pages: 187-218)
WP No.20 / 2009
Strict and Flexible Inflation Forecast Targets: An Empirical Investigation
WP No.19 / 2009
Revisiting the Shocking Aspects of Asian Monetary Unification
(Published in Journal of Asian Economics, 2010, vol. 21(5), pages 445-455, October)
WP No.18 / 2009
Renminbi as an International Currency: Potential and Policy Considerations
by Hongyi Chen, Wensheng Peng and Chang Shu
(Published in Currency Internationalization: Global Experiences and Implications for the Renminbi, 2010, Chapters 5 and 10. Full text is not available for download due to copyright issue. http://www.palgrave.com/products/title.aspx?PID=350575 )
WP No.17 / 2009
The Empirics of China’s Outward Direct Investment
by Yin-Wong CHEUNG (Research Fellow) and XingWang Qian
(Published in Pacific Economic Review, 2009, 14(3): 312-341)
WP No.16 / 2009
Honor Thy Creditors Beforan Thy Shareholders: Are the Profits of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises Real?
(Published in Asian Economic Papers, Fall 2010, Vol. 9, No. 3: 50–71)
WP No.15 / 2009
The Value of Making Commitments Externally: Evidence from WTO Accessions
by Man-Keung Tang and Shang-jin WEI (Research Fellow)
(Published in the Journal of International Economics, 2009, 78(2): 216-229)
WP No.14 / 2009
China’s Current Account and Exchange Rate
by Yin-Wong CHEUNG (Research Fellow), Menzie D. Chinn and Eiji Fujii
(Published in China's Growing Role in World Trade, March 2010, p.231-271)
WP No.13 / 2009
A Factor Analysis of Trade Integration: The Case of Asian and Oceanic Economies
by Yin-Wong CHEUNG (Research Fellow), Matthew S. Yiu and Kenneth K. Chow
(Published in Economie Internationale, 119, (2009), p. 5 - 23)
WP No.12 / 2009
A Faith-based Initiative: Does a Flexible Exchange Rate Regime Really Facilitate Current Account Adjustment?
by Menzie D. Chinn and Shang-jin WEI (Research Fellow)
WP No.11 / 2009
Volatility Dependence across Asia-Pacific Onshore and Offshore Currency Forwards Markets
by Roberta Colavecchio and Michael FUNKE (Research Fellow)
(Published in the Journal of Asian Economics, 20, 2009, 174–196)
WP No.10 / 2009
Disconnect and Information Content of International Capital Flows: Evidence and Theory
WP No.09 / 2009
Real Exchange Rate, Productivity and Labor Market Rigidities
(Published in Journal of International Money and Finance, 2011, 30: 587 - 603)
WP No.08 / 2009
A Portfolio Model of Capital Flows to Emerging Markets
by Michael B. DEVEREUX (Research Fellow) and Alan Sutherland
WP No.07 / 2009
Speculative Attacks: A Laboratory Study in Continuous Time
by Yin-Wong CHEUNG (Research Fellow) and Daniel Friedman
(Published in the Journal of International Money and Finance, 2009, 28(6): 1064-1082)
WP No.06 / 2009
Corruption and Cross-Border Investment in Emerging Markets: Firm-Level Evidence
by Beata S. Javorcik and Shang-jin WEI (Research Fellow)
(Published in the Journal of International Money and Finance, 2009, 28(4): 605-624)
WP No.05 / 2009
Hong Kong Consumer Prices are Flexible
WP No.04 / 2009
Insider Trading in Hong Kong: Tests of Stock Returns and Trading Frequency
by Michael Firth, T. Y. Leung and Oliver RUI (Research Fellow)
WP No.03 / 2009
A High-Low Model of Daily Stock Price Ranges
by Yan-Leung Cheung, Yin-Wong CHEUNG (Research Fellow) and Alan T. K. Wan
(Published in the Journal of Forecasting, 2009, 28(2): 103-119)
WP No.02 / 2009
The Evolution of the Hong Kong Currency Board During Global Exchange Rate Instability: Evidence from the Exchange Fund Advisory Committee 1967-1973
(Published in Financial History Review, 2009, 16(2), 129-156)
WP No.01 / 2009
A Fragile Prosperity: Government Policy and the Management of Hong Kong’s Economic and Social Development