Joseph FUNG (Research Fellow)
Hong Kong Baptist University
(Feb 2019; Apr and Jul 2009 (part-time basis); Feb - Sept 2008 (part-time basis); Aug 2005 - Jul 2006 (part-time basis); Mar - Dec 2004 (part-time basis))
Research Topic:
  • 2019: The Dynamics of HKD Interest Rate and Spot HKD/USD Exchange Rate under the Linked Exchange Rate System
  • 2009: The Impact of Monetary Policy Change on Carry Trade and Liquidity in the Foreign Exchange Markets
  • 2008: Do Derivative Market Contain Useful Information for Forecasting the Timing and Magnitude of "Hot Money" Flows?
  • 2005 - 2006: The Microstructure of Inter-bank Liquidity and the Dynamics of Hong Kong Money Market Rates
  • 2004: Developments around Asian Financial Crisis, using Prices and Volumes of Index Derivatives in Hong Kong
Working Papers: Personal website:
Email: [email protected]