Michael FUNKE (Research Fellow)
Hamburg University
(Mar & Oct 2016; Jan & Mar 2015; Feb - Mar 2011; Feb - Mar 2007; Feb - Mar 2005; Feb 2003)
Research Topic:
  • 2016: Exploring the Diffusion and Dynamics of Producer Prices Across Asian Countries
  • 2015: Chinese Monetary Policy in a DSGE Model with Parallel Shadow Banking
  • 2011: What Drives Urban Consumption in Mainland China? The Role of Property Price Dynamics
  • 2007: Modelling the Volatility Transmission between Renminbi and Asia Pacific US Dollar Futures
  • 2005: Inflation Dynamics in Mainland China
  • 2003: Growth and Convergence in a Two-region Model: The Hypothetical Case of Korean Unification
Working Papers: Personal website: http://www.uni-hamburg.de/fachbereiche-einrichtungen/fb03/iwwt/makro/Funke.html
Email: [email protected]