David C. PARSLEY (Research Fellow)
Owen Graduate School of Management
Vanderbilt University
(Feb 2015; May 2009; Mar - Apr 2002; Mar - Jun 2001; Mar - Jun 2000)
Research Topic:
  • 2015: Fiscal Policy Shocks and Real Exchange Rates
  • 2009: International Portfolio Holdings: Source and Host Country Influences on Home Bias
  • 2002: News Spillovers in the Sovereign Debt Market
  • 2001: Foreign Exchange Exposure and Exchange Rate Arrangements in East Asia
  • 2000: Accounting for Real Exchange Rate Changes in East Asia
Working Papers:

Prior to his doctoral studies, Professor Parsley worked in consulting and for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. His research interests are in the fields of international finance and macroeconomics. He has concentrated on the macroeconomics of exchange rates, prices and the relationship between the two. His current research is directed in two main areas: (1) purchasing power parity (PPP) and whether convergence toward purchasing power parity is impacted by the monetary regime, and (2) the economic and time-series characteristics of international market segmentation. Professor Parsley teaches courses in macroeconomics, international trade and commercial policy, international economics, and international business at Vanderbilt University where is an Associate Professor at the Owen Graduate School.

Personal website: http://www2.owen.vanderbilt.edu/david.parsley/
Email: [email protected]