WP No.24 / 2007
Deregulation, Competition and Consumer Welfare in Banking Market: Evidence from Hong Kong
(Published in the Journal of Regulatory Economics, 2010, 37(1): 70-97)
WP No.23 / 2007
Flattened Inflation-Output Tradeoff and Enhanced Anti-Inflation Policy as an Equilibrium Outcome of Globalization
by Alon Binyamini and Assaf RAZIN (Research Fellow)
WP No.22 / 2007
Explosive Behavior and the Nasdaq Bubble in the 1990s: When Did Irrational Exuberance Escalate Asset Values?
WP No.21 / 2007
Volatility in International Financial Market Issuance: The Role of the Financial Center
(Published in Open Economies Review, 2007, 18(2):157-76)
WP No.20 / 2007
Managing the Monetary Consequences of Reserve Accumulation in Emerging Asia
by Alice Y. Ouyang, Ramkishen RAJAN (Research Fellow) and Tom Willett
(Published in Global Economic Review, 2008, 37(2): 171-99)
WP No.19 / 2007
Long-run and Cyclic Movements in the Unemployment Rate in Hong Kong: A Dynamic, General Equilibrium Approach
WP No.18 / 2007
Aspects, Models and Measures for Assessing the Competitiveness of International Financial Services in a Particular Location
(Published in the Open Economies Review, Volume 19, Number 4, September 2008, Pages 539-556. The new title is "Assessing the Competitiveness of International Financial Services in Particular Locations: A Survey of Methods and Perspectives".)
WP No.17 / 2007
Productivity and Taxes as Drivers of FDI
by Assaf RAZIN (Research Fellow) and Efraim Sadka
WP No.16 / 2007
Solving for Country Portfolios in Open Economy Macro Models
by Michael B. DEVEREUX (Research Fellow) and Alan Sutherland
WP No.15 / 2007
An Evaluation of the Intermediation Role of Hong Kong in Chinese Foreign Trade
by Xinhua He
WP No.14 / 2007
Is Sterilized Intervention Effective? New International Evidence
by Pierre SIKLOS (Research Fellow) and Diana N. Weymark
WP No.13 / 2007
Hoarding of International Reserves: Mrs Machlup's Wardrobe and the Joneses
by Yin-Wong CHEUNG (Research Fellow) and XingWang Qian
WP No.12 / 2007
International Capital Flows
(Published in Journal of International Economics, Volume 80, Issue 2, March 2010, Pages 157-175)
WP No.11 / 2007
The Overvaluation of Renminbi Undervaluation
by Yin-Wong CHEUNG (Research Fellow), Menzie D. CHINN and Eiji FUJII
(Published in Journal of International Money and Finance, Volume 26, Issue 5, September 2007, Pages 762-785)
WP No.10 / 2007
China as a Reserve Sink: The Evidence from Offset and Sterilization Coefficients
by Alice Y. Ouyang, Ramkishen RAJAN (Research Fellow) and Thomas D. Willett
WP No.09 / 2007
Nominal Exchange Rate Flexibility and Real Exchange Rate Adjustment: New Evidence from Dual Exchange Rates in Developing Countries
(Published in Japan and the World Economy, Volume 20, Issue 3, August 2008, Pages 415-434.)
WP No.08 / 2007
An Open Economy Model of the Credit Channel Applied to Four Asian Economies
by Spiros Bougheas, Paul MIZEN (Research Fellow) and Cihan Yalcin
WP No.07 / 2007
Order Imbalance and the Dynamics of Index and Futures Prices
(Published in Journal of Futures Markets, 2007, 27(12): 1129-57)
WP No.06 / 2007
Expectations and Exchange Rate Policy
WP No.05 / 2007
The Property Market and the Macroeconomy of the Mainland: A Cross Region Study
by Wensheng PENG, Dickson C. TAM and Matthew S. YIU
(Published in Pacific Economic Review, 2008, 13(2): 240 - 258)
WP No.04 / 2007
The Weak Link Theory of Economic Development
WP No.03 / 2007
State Visits and International Trade
(Published in The World Economy, 2007, 30(12): 1797-1816)
WP No.02 / 2007
Rules Versus Discretion in Managing the Hong Kong Dollar, 1983-2006
WP No.01 / 2007
Expiration-Day Effects - An Asian Twist