Tony LATTER (Research Fellow)
The University of Hong Kong
(February - March 2008; April - May 2006; August - December 2004; September 2003 - February 2004)
Research Topic:
  • 2008: Is There an Unsatisfied Need for a Corporate Bond Market in Hong Kong?
  • 2006: Rules versus discretion: how Hong Kong matches up against purist currency board principles
Working Papers: Occasional Papers:

Tony Latter joined the School of Economics and Finance as Visiting Professor in February 2003, following his retirement from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority where he had for the previous four years been Deputy Chief Executive, responsible in particular for monetary policy and operations, economic research, payment systems, debt markets and currency.

He has also held executive directorships of the HK Mortgage Corporation, HK Note Printing Ltd, HK Interbank Clearing Ltd and the HK Institute for Monetary Research.

He was previously Deputy Secretary of Monetary Affairs in the HK Government, 1982-85, when he was responsible for re-establishing the currency board system at 7.80.

He spent most of the rest of his career at the Bank of England, covering a wide range of duties in both research and operational areas. He also had a spell at the Bank for International Settlements, and during the 1990s he conducted a number of technical assistance assignments, mostly on behalf of the International Monetary Fund, to developing countries and countries of the former Soviet Union - including a period of residence in Ukraine.

He has a masters degree in economics from Cambridge University and has written widely on central banking and related topics, and on economic policy in Hong Kong. His current research interests include the capital requirements of central banks, the policy response to deflation, and the monetary history of Hong Kong.