Paul MIZEN (Research Fellow)
University of Nottingham
(May - October 2017; March - April 2013; March - April 2011; October - December 2008; June - July 2007; September 2005; August - September 2004)
Research Topic:
  • 2017: Monetary and Financial Spillovers to East Asia
  • 2013: How Adoption and Diffusion of New Financial Instruments Influences the Development of Asian Financial Centres
  • 2011: How did Asian Firms Manage to Invest and Grow during the Financial Crisis and the Global Downturn?
  • 2008: Factors Determining the Willingness and Ability of Asian Firms to Access Financial Markets
  • 2007: Credit Channel of Monetary Transmission in Asian Economies
  • 2005: Corporate Finance under Low Interest Rates in Asia
  • 2004: Effects of Interest Rate on the Financing of the Corporate Sector in Hong Kong
Working Papers:

Professor Mizen has been a member of staff in the School of Economics at Nottingham since 1992. His research field is monetary and financial economics with an interest in the transmission mechanism of monetary policy and corporate finance. This covers research into the demand for monetary and credit aggregates, the financial behaviour of the corporate and household sectors of the UK economy, the relation between financial asset flows and real expenditure, corporate financing and the recent financial crisis. Currently Professor Mizen is investigating the effects of monetary policy on access to credit by firms and the consequences for households of increased borrowing and debt following the turmoil in financial markets. Professor Mizen has held research positions at the Federal Reserve (2008), European Central Bank (2003, 2004), the Bank of England (1997-2000), the International Monetary Fund (1995, 1996, 1999), and a number of universities. In 2002-03 he was Jean Monnet Fellow at the European University Institute, Florence. He is the co-author of Monetary Economics, Oxford University Press, with Mervyn K. Lewis, the Editor of the Festschrift for Professor C.A.E.Goodhart (Edward Elgar) and editor of Recent Developments in Monetary Policy (Edward Elgar) with K Alec Chrystal. Professor Mizen is Director of the Centre for Finance and Credit Markets (CFCM) and a Fellow of The Granger Centre for Time Series Econometrics.

Personal website:
Email: [email protected]