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Dr Edmund TSE Sze-Wing,



Dr Edmund Tse Sze-Wing is the Non-Executive Chairman of AIA Group Limited ("AIA"), the largest listed pan-Asian life insurance group.

An industry veteran, Dr Tse began his insurance career when he joined AIA in 1961 as a Mathematics graduate from the University of Hong Kong.  In 1983, he was named President & CEO of AIA, and later Chairman & CEO.  Throughout this period, AIA was a member company of New York-based American International Group, Inc. ("AIG"), a world leader in insurance and financial services.

In 1996, Dr Tse was elected to AIG's Board of Directors.  He was successively appointed AIG Vice Chairman, AIG Co-Chief Operating Officer and AIG Senior Vice Chairman.  Up until his retirement from AIG in 2009, Dr Tse was responsible for the Group's global life insurance operations covering over 80 countries.  In his half-century plus with AIG/AIA, Dr Tse was instrumental to building their market-leading franchises across Asia and other emerging markets, while working closely with local governments and communities to promote economic development, advising on regulations and operations.

Dr Tse has received various awards and appointments in recognition of his contributions.  In Hong Kong, these include the Gold Bauhinia Star from the Hong Kong SAR Government and Honorary Doctorates from The University of Hong Kong and Lingnan University.  Industry-wise, Dr Tse was the first Chinese elected to the prestigious Insurance Hall of Fame, and recently presented with the first ever Pacific Insurance Conference Lifetime Achievement Award.

In 2011, with the independent listing of AIA on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Dr Tse assumed the role of AIA Non-Executive Chairman.  While continuing his stewardship of the company, Dr Tse is now devoting more time to supporting philanthropic programs through his family foundation and other connected platforms. Dr Tse also sits as Independent Non-Executive Director for businesses outside of insurance ranging from asset management to telecommunications.  As an accomplished bridge player, he continues to passionately represent Hong Kong in regional and world championships.