WP No.19 / 2006
Does the Chinese Interest Rate Follow the US Interest Rate?
by Yin-Wong CHEUNG (Research Fellow), Dickson C. TAM and Matthew S. YIU
(Published in International Journal of Finance and Economics, 2008, 13(1): 53-67)
WP No.18 / 2006
The Illusion of Precision and the Role of the Renminbi in Regional Integration
by Yin-Wong CHEUNG (Research Fellow), Menzie D. CHINN and Eiji FUJII
(Published in Towards Monetary and Financial Integration in East Asia, 2009, Chapter 13)
WP No.17 / 2006
Currency Appreciation and Current Account Adjustment
(Journal of International Money and Finance, Volume 26, Issue 4, June 2007, Pages 570-586)
WP No.16 / 2006
Painful Transitions: The Impact of Economic Growth and Government Policies on Hong Kong's 'Chinese' Banks, 1945-70
WP No.15 / 2006
Exchange-Rate Arrangements and Financial Integration in East Asia: On a Collision Course?
(Published in International Economics and Economic Policy, Dec. 2006. Vol.3, Iss 3-4; P.379)
WP No.14 / 2006
Well-Being in the Small and in the Large
(Monetary and Economic Studies, Vol.24, No.2/November 2006, Pages 55-72)
WP No.13 / 2006
Order Imbalance and the Pricing of Index Futures
(Published in Journal of Futures Markets, Volume 27, Issue 7, Date: July 2007, Pages: 697-717)
WP No.12 / 2006
The Operation of the Moratorium on New Bank Licenses on the Hong Kong banking system 1965-81
WP No.11 / 2006
A Portfolio Theory of International Capital Flows
WP No.10 / 2006
Predictability in Financial Markets: What Do Survey Expectations Tell Us?
(Published in Journal of International Money and Finance, 2009, 28: 406-426)
WP No.09 / 2006
The Origins of Anti-Competitive Regulation: Was Hong Kong 'over-banked' in the 1960s?
WP No.08 / 2006
Dangerous Business Models: Bankers, Bureaucrats & Hong Kong's Economic Transformation, 1948-86
WP No.07 / 2006
An Empirical Model of Daily Highs and Lows
(Published in International Journal of Finance and Economics, 12, 2007, pp. 1-20)
WP No.06 / 2006
Government without Statistics: Policy-making in Hong Kong 1925-85, with special reference to Economic and Financial Management
WP No.05 / 2006
Terms-of-Trade Changes, Real GDP, and Real Value Added in the Open Economy: Reassessing Hong Kong's Growth Performance
by Ulrich KOHLI
(Published in Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting & Economics, Volume 14, no. 2, August 2007, pp. 87-109)
WP No.04 / 2006
A Reappraisal of the Border Effect on Relative Price Volatility
(Published in International Economic Journal, Vol. 20, No. 4, December 2006, Pages: 495-514)
WP No.03 / 2006
The Value of Information in Growth and Development
WP No.02 / 2006
Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy Coordination in ASEAN+1
by William BRANSON (Research Fellow) and Conor N. HEALY
WP No.01 / 2006
Renminbi Revaluation, Euro Appreciation and Chinese Markets: What Can We Learn From Data?