WP No.15 / 2001
Financial Constraints and Exchange Rate Flexibility in Emerging Market Economies
WP No.14 / 2001
Interpreting the Term Structure of Interbank Rates in Hong Kong
by Stefan GERLACH
(Published in Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, 11(5), 2003, pp. 593-609)
WP No.13 / 2001
Inflation Targeting in Emerging Market and Transition Economies: Lessons after a Decade
by Jeffery D. AMATO and Stefan GERLACH
(Published in the European Economic Review, 46, 2002, pp. 781-790)
WP No.12 / 2001
International Risk-Sharing and the Exchange Rate: Re-evaluating the Case for Flexible Exchange Rates
(Published in Journal of International Economics, 62, 2004, pp. 359-377 under a new title: Should the Exchange Rate be a Shock Absorber?)
WP No.11 / 2001
Pricing in International Markets: A 'Small Country' Benchmark
(Published in Review of International Economics, 12(3), 2004, pp. 509-524)
WP No.10 / 2001
Exchange Rate Pass -Through in a Small Open Economy: Panel Evidence from Hong Kong
(Published in International Journal of Finance and Economics, 8(2), 2003, pp. 99-107)
WP No.09 / 2001
Taxation of Financial Intermediation Activities in Hong Kong
by Jack MINTZ (Research Fellow) and Stephen R. RICHARDSON
(Published in Tax Notes International, No.7, 2002, pp. 771-796)
WP No.08 / 2001
Growth and the Real Exchange Rate - Evidence from Eleven Countries
WP No.07 / 2001
Persistence of Output Fluctuations under Alternative Exchange Rate Regimes
(Published in Asian Economic Journal, 17(3), 2003, pp. 281-296)
WP No.06 / 2001
Accounting for Real Exchange Rate Changes in East Asia
(Published in Journal of International Money and Finance, 2007, 26(8): 1355-77)
WP No.05 / 2001
Offshore Investment Funds: Monsters in Emerging Markets?
by Woochan KAM and Shang-jin WEI (Research Fellow)
(Published in Journal of Development Economics, 68(1), 2002, pp. 205-224)
WP No.04 / 2001
After the Crisis, the East Asian Dollar Standard Resurrected: An Interpretation of High Frequency Exchange Rate Pegging
by Ronald I. McKINNON
(Published in J. Stiglitz and S. Yusuf, eds., Rethinking the East Asian Miracle, World Bank and Oxford University Press, 2001, pp. 197-246)
WP No.03 / 2001
Effects of US Inflation on Hong Kong and Singapore
(Published in Journal of Comparative Economics, 30(3), 2002, pp. 603-619)
WP No.02 / 2001
Currency Substitution between Hong Kong Dollar and Renminbi in South China
(Published in Pacific Economic Review, 7(1), 2002, pp. 37-50)
WP No.01 / 2001
The Internationalisation of Hong Kong Dollar: An Analytical Framework