Jump-starting an international currency
Date : 13 December 2019 (Friday), 4:15p.m. to 5:30p.m.
Venue : Hong Kong Academy of Finance office [Units 1005-1011, 10/F, One Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, HK]
Speaker : Saleem Bahaj, Bank of England
The Cost of Bank Regulatory Capital
by Joao A. C. Santos, Senior Vice President & Policy Lead for Microprudential Supervision, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
The Lender of Last Resort Policy and Its Signaling Effect in a Time of Crisis
by Mei LI, University of Guelph
The Effect of a Government Reference Bond on Corporate Borrowing Costs: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
by Professor Baolian Wang, University of Florida
The Role of Asset Management, Education, and Health in the Financial Decisions of Older Adults
by Isaac Ehrlich, State University of New York at Buffalo
FX intervention and domestic credit: evidence from high-frequency micro data
by Boris Hofmann, Research Adviser, Bank for International Settlements
Oceans Apart? The Spread of Macro-Financial Shocks by Systemically Important Economies and China’s Role
by Pierre Siklos, Wilfrid Laurier University and Balsillie School of International Affairs
Tight Money-Tight Credit: Coordination Failure in the Conduct of Monetary and Financial Policies
by Enrique Mendoza, University of Pennsylvania
Private Mortgage Securitization and Loan Origination Quality - New Evidence from Loan Losses
by Abdullah Yavas, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Do Market Reforms Explain China’s Economic Growth? Evidence from Machine Learning over 1.4 Million Policy Documents
by Heiwai Tang, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies
Is the RMB a safe-haven currency? Evidence from Conditional Coskweness and Cokurtosis
by Yinggang Zhou, Xiamen University