Stephen CHIU (Research Fellow)
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
(June - August 2001)
Working Papers:

Y. Stephen Chiu obtained his PhD in Economics from the Pennsylvania State University in 1995. He was an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Business Administration at the Chinese University of Hong Kong during 1995-1999, and has been an Associate Professor since 1999. Dr Chiu teaches courses in micro and macroeconomics, industrial organization and game theory at the undergraduate, MBA and MSc levels, and has run a Diploma Programme for Small and Medium Enterprises Management as a director (during 1997-2000) at the Chinese University.

Dr Chiu is a microeconomic theorist whose research interests cover various issues in firm and contract theory, financial economics, and political economy. He is currently working on projects on the microeconomic foundations of currency crisis and bank runs, market competition and optimal asset ownership, and the foundations of firm theory. He has published research articles in scholastic journals such as the American Economic Review, Economics Letters, International Journal of Game Theory, Pacific Economic Review, and Review of International Economics. His latest publication entitled "The Role of (Non)transparency in a Currency Crisis Model" (jointly with Kenneth S. Chan) is forthcoming in the European Economic Review.

Email: [email protected]