Soyoung KIM (Research Fellow)
Seoul National University
(Jan-Feb 2020; Feb - July 2017; June - July 2016; January - February 2011; January - April 2007)            
Research Topic:
  • 2020: Monetary Policy, Foreign Exchange Policy, and Exchange Rate in China
  • 2017: How the People’s Bank of China Conducts Monetary Policy: From Quantity Based Framework to Interest Rate Based Framework
  • 2016: Monetary Policy Shocks and Exchange Rate in Emerging Asian Countries
  • 2011: Effects of Monetary Policy Shocks on Exchange Rate in Emerging Asian Countries: Role of Foreign Investors in Stock vs. Bond Markets
  • 2007: Transmission of Structural Shocks and Sources of Economic Fluctuation in the New Open Economy Macro Model
Working Papers: Personal website:
Email: [email protected]