Simon H. KWAN (Research Fellow)
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
(Nov 2018; May 2014 ; Mar 2014 ; Jul - Aug 2013; Dec 2003 - Jan 2004; Dec 2001; May - Aug 2000)
Research Topic:
  • 2018: Complexity of global banks and their foreign operation in Hong Kong
  • 2013 - 2014: Liquidity Management of Foreign Banks in Hong Kong
  • 2003 - 2004: Is There a Lending Channel Monetary Policy Transmission in Hong Kong
Working Papers:

Dr. Simon Kwan is Senior Advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. He is responsible for evaluating financial stability risks, both locally and nationally, with a focus on identifying and monitoring areas of emerging systemic risk in the financial system and serving as a source of expertise for policy makers as well as bank examiners and supervisors.

Kwan has a wealth of expertise on issues pertaining to financial stability, macroprudential supervision, credit market conditions and risk, and bank regulation, expertise gained from years of experience within the Federal Reserve System, at the Sveriges Riksbank (the central bank of Sweden), and in academia.

Prior to joining the Cleveland Fed, Kwan was Head of Research and Modelling in the Financial Stability Department at the Sveriges Riksbank in Stockholm, Sweden from 2015 to 2016. Kwan started his central banking career by joining the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco as an economist in 1995, and he worked his way up the ranks to Vice President, Head of Financial Research, and, Senior Research Advisor.

Email: [email protected]