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Lee MM

Mr MM Lee

Head, Technical Expert Team

Insurance Authority


MM Lee studied economics and received his BA from Chung-Ang University and MA from Seoul National University in Korea.

In January 2001, MM joined A.M. Best, a credit rating agency specializing in insurance industry, who just opened an office in Asia. Hong Kong was the base for him as well as for the company to grow into other parts of Asia. Indeed, in 2014 as part of its expansion, the company opened another office in Asia, and MM relocated himself to Singapore to manage both the analytical teams in Hong Kong and Singapore till he left the company end 2017.

In May 2018, MM joined the Insurance Authority (IA) with the expectation that he could play more of an active role in the development of the insurance industry and the restoration of the competitiveness of the insurance market in Hong Kong, especially on the non-life side. In August 2022, MM took on the current role of heading up a team called Technical Expert Team within the IA. The IA is led by strong leadership, but the management also demands strong support to create synergy and a virtuous circle. His expertise offers strong support from the experience he has gathered within the insurance industry from across the region over the years (for example, Hong Kong is in the process of rolling out risk-based capital regime and he has experienced the adoption of risk-based solvency regimes in Korea, Thailand, China, Singapore, and Philippines).