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Ms Ronnie Cheung

Chief Operating Officer, Hong Kong

Credit Suisse (Hong Kong) Limited


Being born and raised in Hong Kong, Ronnie Cheung is grateful to have the opportunity to spend more than 10 years of her life studying and working around the world, including Canada, United States, United Kingdom and China. Not only was that an eye-opening experience from a cultural perspective, but it was also a golden opportunity to learn more about financial markets in different countries.

Throughout her career, Ronnie is glad to have taken up many challenges. Started in Operations, she learned the importance of thorough planning and execution, preempting issues through scenario analysis when building systems and processes. As a business manager, Ronnie learned the criticality of setting visions and defining valuation propositions.

At BNP, Ronnie successfully revamped the Research department from a country-aligned model to a sector-aligned model. The experience also helped her tremendously when she supported Research in UBS and Credit Suisse.

Another fruitful experience was working in China. Although the learning curve was steep, Ronnie demonstrated her knowledge through strengthening the post trade systems and processes when she led the Operations team at Gaohua (GS JV). At UBS, she was a key participant in building the business strategy. That also enriched her ability in taking a leading role in building business strategy at China Renaissance and Credit Suisse.

Ronnie’s current role as HK COO has also broadened her horizon to new products and entity governance framework, which she does treasure as an opportunity to grow further professionally.